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Paul Kronegg

1885 - 1935

The actor Paul Kronegg was born as Paul Georg Franz Kubicza in Unterdöbling. After training at the School of Arts and Crafts and in German language and literature, he took singing lessons.
He made his stage debut at the Stadttheater Kattowitz. This was followed by engagements at theaters in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg.

He already appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 1913 for the movie "Betrogene Frauen" (13), but only in the 20's he appeared regularly in movies.

His movies of the 20's include Ernst Marischka's "Töte sie!" (20) with Hubert Marischka and Ernst Tautenhayn, "Narr und Tod" (20) with Carl Goetz, "Dr. Hallin/Gehirne" (21) with Franz Herterich and Traute Carlsen, "Das verlorene Ich" (23) with Hugo Werner-Kahle and Annemarie Steinsieck, "Die Geliebte des Mörders" (24) alongside Eugen Neufeld and Angelo Ferrari, "Das Gift der Borgia" (24) with Franz Herterich, Werner Schott, Victor Kutschera and Oscar Beregi as well as "Der ungebetene Gast" (25) directed by Max Mack with Eugen Jensen, Dora Kaiser, Hermann Thimig and Hugo Werner-Kahle.

After his film career he continued his stage career in numerous operettas and stage plays. In the movies he only impersonated a small role once more in "Trara um Liebe" (31).

Other movies with Paul Kronegg:
Dorala (21) Ihre Vergangenheit (21) Die Komödianten kommen (22) Der Unbekannte aus Russland (22) Flora Mystica (22) Die Sportlady (22) Betrogene Frauen (23) Die drei Marien und der Herr von Marana (23) Pflicht und Ehre (24) L'engrenage (25)