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Peter Kreuder

1905 - 1981

The filmcomposer Peter Kreuder was already a musical talent as a little chap. He got piano lessons at the age of 3 and three years later he had his first public concert.

In 1918 Peter Kreuder discovered the jazz, a music style he cultivated till to the end of his days. When he worked as a conductor for silent movies in Munich he came into contact with this medium for the first time. For the present he worked as an arrangeur for e.g. "Der blaue Engel" (30) than he became a filmcomposer who was very successful in the 30's.

To his well-known movies of the 30's belong "Peter Voss, der Millionendieb" (32), "Weisse Majestsät" (34), "Das Mädchen Johanna" (35), "Mazurka" (35), "Glückskinder" (36), "Burgtheater" (36), "Kapriolen" (37), "Gasparone" (37), "Dreizehn Mann und eine Kanone" (38), "Hallo Janine!" (39) and "Wasser für Canitoga" (39).

At the beginning of the 40's followed his last filmcompositions, among them "Die drei Codonas" (40), "Kora Terry" (40) and "Traummusik" (40).
When Peter Kreuder had the cheek to record works of Jewish artists like Friedich Hollaender in the enemy foreign countries, the National Socialists didn't approve it and he had to emigrate to Sweden.
Thanks his huge popularity in whole Europe he was able to put on his opera "LIPS" in Stockholm in the same year.

His way led him via Czechoslovakia and Austria to Switzerland where he met Evita Peron in 1948. He followed her to Argentina where he lived till her death in 1952.
There he also composed the music to movies like "El honoralbe inqulino" (51), "Cosas de mujer" (51) and "El gaucho y el diablo" (52).
After her death he went to Brazil where soon became a well-known personality too.

Finally he returned to Germany where his last filmcomposition came into being like "An jedem Finger zehn" (54), "Die Mücke" (54) and "Der gestohlene Himmel" (74).
But his main concentration was aimed at Zarah Leander's comeback. He wrote the musicals "Madame Scandaleuse" and "Lady aus Paris" for her.

Other movies from Peter Kreuder:
Wenn dem Esel zu wohl ist (32) Nacht der Versuchung (32) Tag der Freiheit - Unsere Wehrmacht (35) Das Stahltier (35) Henker, Frauen und Soldaten (35) Allotria (36) Weisse Sklaven (36) Confession (37) Serenade (37) Eine Nacht im Mai (38) Nanette (40) Ritorno (40) Romans (40) Liebesgeschichten (43) In flagranti (44) Es lebe die Liebe (44) Frühlingsmelodie (45) Das singende Haus (48) Frech und veliebt (48) Qué hermanita! (51) El heroico Bonifacio (51) Condierto de baston (51) Alle kann ich nicht heiraten (52) El paraiso (53) So ein Affentheater (53) Liebeskrieg nach Noten (53) Schlagerparade (53) Cancion de la nieve (54) Der erste Kuss (54) Ein Mädchen aus Paris (54) Ein dreifach Hoch dem Sanitätsgefreiten Neumann (69)