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Otto Kreisler

1889 - 1969

The director and producer Otto Kreisler began his career as an actor at the theater before he impersonated his first film role few years later in "Sommeridylle" (16).

Afterwards he became a movie director from 1918 and he shot the movies "Mit dem Schicksal versöhnt" (18), "Gespenster" (18), "Maria Magdalena" (19), "Die Jüding von Toledo" (19) and "Frühlingserwachen" (19).

At the beginning of the 20s came his last movies as a director into being with "Mozarts Leben, Lieben, Leiden" (21), "Miss Hobbs" (21) and "Ludwig II" (22).

From 1919 Otto Kreisler was also active as a movie producer and he produced not only many of his own directed movies but also pictures for other directors.
To these productions belong "Die Jüdin von Toledo" (19), "Frühlingserwachen" (19), "Miss Hobbs" (21), "Das Judenmädel" (21), "Ludwig II" (22), "Die Tochter der Frau von Larsac" (24) and "Ein Walzer von Strauss" (25) with Anita Berber in her last movie role.

Beside it he also wrote few screenplays like "Der Soldat der Maria" (17) and "Gespenster" (18).

Afterwards his film career ended. He went to England in later years where he appeared once again as a producer for "Small Town Story" (53).

Other movies from Otto Kreisler (Director):
Mephistos Faschingslaune (19) Das Judenmädel (21) Theodor Herzl, der Bannerträger des jüdischen Volkes (21)

Mephistos Faschingslaune (19) Mozarts Leben, Lieben und Leiden (20) Theodor Herzl, der Bannerträger des jüdischen Volkes (21) Der tote Hochzeitsgast (21)