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Maria Koppenhöfer

1901 - 1948

The actress Maria Koppenhöfer had already in young years to cope with the death of her mother in 1908, finally her father had to give up his brewery and worked at a hotel. Thereby he was not able to spend as much time with his daughter as Maria Koppenhöfer had wished. 

About 1918 she had the wish to become an actress for the first time, but her father did not find her wish sympathetic. But she asserted herself and went to the theater. She soon became a demanded actress at the theater where she remained true for life. Under the direction of the great directors of that time she impersonated many classic roles in plays from Schiller, Ibsen and Kleist. 

Her marriage with Dr. Julius Halewicz in 1928 failed seven years later and her daughter became her purpose of life. 
Because her daughter was half Jewish she was afraid about the security of her daughter during the Nazi authority and she hid her in the countryside.

When the film offered her various roles, normally bigger support roles, she accepted it. She experienced the height of her film career in the 30's where she took part in great productions.

To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Das erste Recht des Kindes" (32), "Unheimliche Geschichten" (32), "Flüchtlinge" (33), "Das Mädchen Johnanna" (35), "Der Herrscher" (37), "Der Berg ruft!" (38) and "Anna Favetti" (38).

She continued her career during wartime and entertained the audience with movies like "Bismarck" (40), "Kora Terry" (40), "Der Fall Rainer" (42) and "Seinerzeit zu meiner Zeit" (44).

When World War II ended her private life also seemed to normalize. Finally she could look after her daughter again without fear but the destiny still did not mean well. Only a short time later her daughter fell ill seriously and died at the age of 16.
And Maria Koppenhöfer too got a shattering diagnosis: cancer. She followed her daughter in 1948, Maria Koppenhöfer was only 47 years old.N

She wasn't able to witness the first nicht of her last movie "Tiefland" (45). The movie was only showed in 1954, six years after her death.

Other movies with Maria Koppenhöfer:
24 Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau (31) Opernredoute (31) Rosmarin im Glück (32) Ein Lied für Dich (33) So endete eine Liebe (34) Friesennot/Dorf im roten Sturm (35) Der Raub der Sabinerinnen (36) Kater Lampe (36) Schlussakkord (36) Der Clown (37) Gewitterflug zu Claudia (37) Schatten über St. Pauli (38) Andalusische Nächte (38) Was tun, Sybille? (38) Schüsse in Kabine 7 (38) Maja zwischen zwei Ehen (38) Die kleine und die grosse Liebe (38) Eine Frau kommt in die Tropen (38) Der Weg zu Isabel (39) Johannisfeuer (39) Das Herz der Königin (40) Aberglaube (40) Wetterleuchten um Barbara (41) Ein Mann mit Grundsätzen? (43) Wenn die Sonne wieder scheint (43) Augen der Liebe/Zwischen Nacht und Morgen (44) Die Schenke zur ewigen Liebe (45) Der Puppenspieler (45)