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Walter Kollo

1878 - 1940

The operetta and film composer Walter Kollo was born as Walter Elimar Kollodzieyski in Neidenburg.

He studied music at the conservatory in Sonderhausen and at the conservatory in Königsberg before he started his professional career as a bandmaster at the theater.

When he went to Berlin he began to compose popular entertainment music and operettas, among it "Grosse Rosinen", "Wie einst im Mai", "Der Juxbaron" and "Die Frau ohne Kuss".

His first contact with the film business was in 1927 when his operetta "Der Juxbaron" (27) was filmed. As followed a film composition for "Zwei rote Rosen" (28).

Walter Kollo wrote the music for several movies during the 30s, to these works belong "Nur Du" (30), "Der verjüngte Adolar" (31), "Der schwarze Walfisch" (34), "Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen kann" (38) and "Wie einst im Mai" (38) - again a cinematical version of one of his operettas.

Beside his activity as a composer Walter Koller also founded a music publisher and he was a co-founder of the GEMA.

His son Willi Kollo became a composer too and his grandson René Kollo became a famous opera singer.

Other movies from Walter Kollo:
Chacun sa chance (30) Kopfüber ins Glück (31) Der Herr Bürovorsteher (31) Ball im Metropol (37) Hahn im Korb (37) Der Tag nach der Scheidung (38)

Ein Mädel vom Ballett (37)