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Julius Kobler

1866 - 1942

The actor Julius Kobler began his theater career at the Deutsches Theater in Pilsen in 1889. In the next years followed engagements in Meiningen, Berlin, Vienna, New York and finally Hamburg where he remained active for many years from 1904.
There he became successful as a comedian.

Julius Kobler appeared in several silent movies of the 20s, among them "Banditen im Frack" (21), "Don Juan" (22), "Das Schicksal einer Zirkusreiterin" (22), "Jimmy, ein Schicksal von Mensch und Tier" (23) and "Dunkle Gewalten" (24).

Because of his Jewish ancestry he was discharged bei the theater manager Karl Wüstenhagen in 1934. It followed engagements in Austria, Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands.

In 1936 he got the diagnose stomach cancer but it could be treated successfully. When the cancer returned in 1942 he got rejections from the German hospitals because he was a Jew. So he had to go to the Israelite hospital where he soon died.

Julius Kobler was married with the singer Käthe Wettwer. Their son Norbert and their daughter Eva became stage actors too.

Other movies with Julius Kobler:
Die rote Nacht (21) Strandgut der Leidenschaft (22) Die kleine Stenotypistin (22) Das blonde Verhängnis (22)