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Carl Heinz Klubertanz

1892 - 1975

The actor Carl Heinz Klubertanz got acting lessons before he began his career at the theater. He impersonated numerous roles at the theater in the next years, beside it he also realised some plays as a director.

He joined the film business in 1920 and already in his first years he acted in many movies like „Lolos Vater“ (20), „Doktor Klaus“ (20) Er, sie und der Dackel“ (20), „Lottchens Heirat“ (20), „Der Vorstadt Caruso“ (20) and „Der lustige Witwer (20).

In the next years followed many short movies besides few feature movies.
To his last cinematical works of the 20s belong „Das kommt von der Liebe“ (21), „Es bleibt in der Familie“ (22), „Schwarzwaldkinder“ (22), „Die Nacht in der schwarzen Maus“ (22), „Raffinierte Frauen“ (23) and „Glanz gegen Glück“ (23).

Afterwards he concentrated to his stage career again.
Only in 1932 he took part in a movie a last time for „Revierkrank“ (32).

After the end of World War II he became the manager of the Theater in Freiberg.

Other movies with Carl Heinz Klubertanz:
Der Liebesschüler (20) Ganz der Grosspapa (20) Die Schildungs-Ehe (20) Armer kleiner Pierrot (20) Photographie und Liebe (21) Knoppchen und seine Schwiegermutter (22)