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Heinz Klingenberg

1905 - 1959

The actor Heinz Klingenberg first studied philosophy before he took acting lessons. He made his stage debut in 1927 in Wuppertal and in the 30s he went to Berlin where he appeared at different theaters. He began his film career as a suppport actor at the beginning of the 30's and continued his career till his early death by a car accident in 1959.

To his first movies belong "Die elf Schill'schen Offiziere" (32), "Die Herrin von Atlantis" (32) and "Zwischen Himmel und Erde" (34). 
During wartime he only took part in few movies, so in "Die grosse Nummer" (43) and "Die Degenhardts" (44).

After the war he continued his career with movies like "Schicksal aus zweiter Hand" (49), "Magic Fire - Frauen um Richard Wagner" (56), "Dr. Crippen lebt" (58) and "Affäre Dreyfus" (59).

Heinz Klingenberg was married with the actress Hertha Thiele.

Other movies with Heinz Klingenberg:
Theodor Körner (32) S.A.-Mann Brand (33) Die Zeit mit Dir (48) Das gestohlene Jahr (50) Der Schatten des Herrn Monitor (50) Die Stärkere (53) Die Ehe des Dr. med. Danwitz (56) Es wird alles wieder gut (57) Serie "Der Andere" (59)