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Lotte Klinder

1891 - 1943

The actress Lotte Klinder, who also appeared as Lotte Klimberg, began her career at the theater in Sonderhausen. In the next years followed other engagements, among others in Stettin, Bremen, Cologne and Hamburg.

She went to Berlin in 1921 where she acted on different stages.

She joined the film business in 1918 and her first movie was "Wie einst im Mai" (18) with Richard Assmann.
Afterwards she played the role of Elllinor Bültemann in Manfred Noa' "Der Tod und die Liebe" (19) with Paul Otto, Ralph Arthur Roberts,  Arthur Schröder and Carl Wagner.

She continued her film career in the 20s, among others in the role of Magdalena Anderssen in "Brutal" (20) directed by Paul Otto with Gertrud Arnold, Arthur Schröder and Paul Otto, "Ich hatt' einen Kameraden" (24) with Otto Gebühr and Gertrud Eysoldt as well as playing the role of Marga in "Frauen, die nicht lieben dürfen" (25) directed by Geza von Bolvary at the side of Ellen Kürti, Olaf Fjord, Paul Otto and Carl Walther Meyer.

She got married with the actor Paul Otto with whom she also acted together in few movies and she retired from acting. Only in 1938 she returned in front of the camera for a last time when she took part in her only sound film "Eine Frau kommt in die Tropen" (38) with Waldemar Leitgeb, Hilde Körber, Maria Koppenhöfer, Volker von Collande, Otto Wernicke, Albert Florath, Hans Leibelt and Heinrich Schroth.

Her husband Paul Otto was able to hide his Jewish ancestry but by mischance it was revealed. When they faced a deportation Lotte Klinder and Paul Otto decided to commit suicide together.