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Helmuth Kionka

Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1906 - 1936

The actor Helmuth Kionka began his professional career as a writer and journalist but was not able to assert himself sustainable in this field.
Beside it he took acting lessong and in 1926 he was able to make his stage debut. It followed numerous engagements at different important theaters in Berlin.

Helmuth Kionka got offered first small roles for the film and he took part in "Acht Mädels im Boot" (32), "Die unsichtbare Front" (33) and "Liebesfrühling" (33).

With the rise of the National Socialism his artistic career came to an end.
Afterwards Helmuth Kionka joined the resistance movement and as a courier for different resistance movements he travelled between the countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

When Germany developed Helmuth Kionka's activity they trapped him with a false stage engagement in Berlin.
As soon as Helmuth Kionka set foot on German soil he was arrested and condemned because of treason. Only few months later the death penalty was executed.