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Lisl Kinast

1915 - 2004

The actress Lisl Kinast was active at the theater in the first place, among others she appeared at the Burgtheater in Vienna from 1955 for many years.

She already impersonated first movie roles in the 30s. She played Flori Weidner in "Hohe Schule" (34) with Rudolf Forster, Angela Salloker, Paul Henreid and Hans Moser, she was Martha in "...nur ein Komödiant" (35) with Rudolf Forster, Christl Mardayn, Paul Wegener, Hans Moser, Grit Haid and Hilde von Stolz, she impersonated Gretl in Richard Oswald's "Heut' ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben" (35) at the side of Joseph Schmidt, Felix Bressart, Otto Wallburg and Karl Skraup, she played Annelie in the short film "Die wirkliche Liebe" (37) with Hans Brausewetter, Anton Pointner, Leo Peukert and Karl Platen and she appeared in Gerhard Lamprecht's "Frau im Strom" (39) with Hertha Feiler, Attila Hörbiger, Oskar Sima, Fritz Rasp and Olly Holzmann.

After World War II she took part in few TV productions like "Karriere" (63), "Briefe von gestern" (72) and "Stationschef Fallmerayer" (76).

Lisl Kinast was married with the actor Robert Lindner.