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Hedwig Klara Kemp

1888 - ?

The actress Hedda Kemp was born as Hedwig Klara Kemp. She appeared in few movies from the end of the 10s.

She impersonated the role of Ingrid Wenk-Söring in "Tausend und eine Frau" (18) directed by Iva Raffay at the side of Erich Kaiser-Titz, Ernst Hofmann, Harry Lamberts-Paulsen and Lucy Kieselhausen.

Afterwards she acted in the production "Der Knabe in Blau" (19) directed by F. W. Murnau with Ernst Hofmann, Blandine Ebinger, Margit Barnay, Karl Platen, Georg John and Leonhard Haskel.
Hedda Kemp also wrote the screenplay for this movie with the pseudonym Edda Ottershausen.
Interestingly there is also an actor in this movie called Hans Ottershausen. It is not known if this his a pseudonym too and if yes who is hiding behing this name. Hans Ottershausen also acted in several theater plays in Düsseldorf.

Her last cinmatical work in front of the camera followed with "Um den Sohn" (21) with Carola Toelle, Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, Harry Berber, Julius Brandt, Ilka Grüning, Ernst Hofmann, Albert Patry and Frida Richard.

Hedda Kemp was married with the actor Ernst Hofmann.