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Rudolf Katscher alias Rudolph Cartier

1904 - 1994

The director, producer and screenwriter Rudolf Katscher first finished an education as an architect, afterwards he worked as a journalist for the newspaper "Neues Wiener Tagblatt".

Because of his writing skills he joined the film business in 1928 and he wrote first screenplays for movies like "Das Spiel mit der Liebe" (28), "G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald" (28), "Mascottchen" (29) and "Im Prater blühen wieder die Bäume" (29).

At the beginning of the 30s followed other screenplays for "Der Tiger" (30), "Der Greifer" (30), "Täter gesucht" (31), "Der Zinker" (31), "Salto Mortale" (31), "Die Pranke" (31), "Schuss im Morgengrauen" (32) and "Teilnehmer antwortet nicht" (32).

For "Teilnehmer antwortet nicht" (32) he was also responsible as a director for the first time and it followed other directed movies with "Unsichtbare Gegner" (33) and "Liebe auf Bretteln" (35).

His emergent film career came to a stop with the rise of the National Socialists. He went back to Austria where he took part in few more movies before he emigrated to England in 1935.

There he was able to continue his film career after the end of the war and he used the pseudonym Rudolf Cartier respectively Rudolf Carter.
He remained active as a screenwriter till to the 60s and he worked for British and German productions.
T his screenplays of those years belong "The Man from Morocco" (45), "Corridor of Mirrors" (48), "Arrow of the Heart" (52), "Ein Opfer für den Wind" (54), "Gaslicht" (56), "Der Patriot" (59), "Stalingrad" (63), "Das Haus der Vergeltung" (64), "Lee Oswald: Assassin" (66) and "Die Pickwickier" (68).

He also became a demanded director and he shot the movies "The Dybbuk" (52), the serial "The Quatermass Experiment" (53), "Liebelei" (54), "Der Fall Winslow" (55), "The Queen and the Rebels" (57), "Ordeal by Fire" (57), "Der Patriot" (59), "The Devil's General" (60), an episode of the serial "Maigret: The Golden Fleece" (61), "Rashomon" (61), "Anna Karenina" (61), "Wuthering Heights" (62), "Night Express" (63), "Stalingrad" (63), "The Lady of the Camellias" (64), "Das Haus der Vergeltung" (64), "Alibi für James" (66), "An Ideal Husband" (69), "Recht auf Gewissen" (70), "The Proposal" (71), "Rembrandt" (71) and "Loyalties" (76).

In England he also became a producer for first movies like "Corridor of Mirrors" (48) and from the 50s he produced regular movies often for television.
To these works belong "Portrait of Peter Perowne" (52), the serial "The Quatermass Experiment" (53), "Sorry, Wrong Number" (54), "Liebelei" (54), "The Vale of Shadows" (55), "Salome" (57), "Ordeal by Fire" (57), "Mother Courage and Her Children" (59), "The Devil's General" (60), "Rashomon" (61), "Anna Karenina" (61), "Wuthering Heights" (64) and "Rembrandt" (71).

Other movies from Rudolf Katscher (Director):
Portrait of Peter Perowne (52) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre" (52-59) Sacrifice to the Wind (54) Ein Opfer für den Wind (54) Thunder Rock (55) The Vale of Shadows (55) Serie "Auatermass II" (55) Gaslicht (56) The Captain of Koepenick (58) The Winslow Boy (58) Passionate Summer (58) Serie "Quatermass and the Pit" (58-59) Glorious Morning (60) Serie "Maigret: The Liars" (61) Adventure Story (61) Serie "Studio 4" (62) Serie "Suspense: The Man in My Shoes" (62) Der Kronanwalt (62) Sword of Vengeance (62) The Aspern Papers (62) Serie "Maigret: Peter the Lett" (63) Serie "Z Cars: Nothing Serious" (63) Serie "Z Cars: Scare" (63) The Respectful Prostitute (64) Legende einer Liebe (64) Serie "The Midnight Men" (64) Briefe eines toten Dichters (64) The July Plot (64) The Wings of the Dove (65) Ironhand (65) Serie "Thirteen Against Fate: The Survivors" (66) Serie "Out of the Unknown: Level 7" (66) Gordon of Khartoum (66) Firebrand (67) The Burning Bush (67) The News-Benders (68) Die Pickwickier (68) The Fanatics (68) These Men Are Dangerous: Hitler (69) Conversation at Night (69) Der spanische Bürgerkrieg (69) Serie "Out of the Unknown: The Naked Sun" (69) Serie "Music on 2: The Bear" (70) The Year of the Crow (70) Lady Windermere's Fan (71) The Deep Blue Sea (76) Serie "Fall of Eagles (74)

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Disappeared (51) The Dybbuk (52) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre" (52-59) It Is Midnight, Doctor Schweitzer (53) Sacrifice to the Wind (54) Count Albany (54) Thunder Rock (55) Serie "Quatermass II" (55) The Saint of Bleecker Street (56) The Queen and the Rebels (57) The Captain of Koepenick (58) The Winslow Boy (58) A Tale of Two Cities (58) Serie "Quatermass and the Pit" (58-59) Glorious Morning (60) Cross of Iron (61) Adventure Story (61) Serie "Suspens: The Man in My Shoes" (62) Sword of Vengeance (62) The Aspern Papers (62) Serie "Studio 4: Doctor Korczak and the Children" (62) Serie "Midnight Men" (64) Serie "BBC Play of the Month: Lee Oswald: Asssassin" (66)

Die Schmugglerbraut von Mallorca (29) Der Schuss im Tonfilmatelier (30) Das gelbe Haus des King-Fu (31) D-Zug 13 hat Verspätung (31) The Dybbuk (52) It Is Midnight, Doctor Schweitzer (53) Midsummer Fire (55) Arrow to the Heart II (56) Der Rächer (60) Night Express (63) Legende einer Liebe (64) Briefe eines toten Dichters (64) The Joel Brand Story (65) Alibi für James (66)