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Kurt Katsch

1893 - 1958

The actor Kurt Katsch was born as Isser Katsch in Grodno.
He began his professional career for the wine-trade before it was interrupted by his service in World War I.
He soon became a prisoner of war but was released again later.
In Germany he joined the renowned Max-Reinhardt school and afterwars he soon became a busy stage actor. He made his debut in Bremen, it followed engagements at different theaters in Berlin, Munich Frankfurt and Vienna.
Kurt Katsch joined the film business in 1919 and he took part in the silent movies "Die geheimnisvolle Kugel" (19), "Die Sekretärin des Gesandten" (19), "Die Mexikanerin" (19) and "Das Lied der Nornen" (19).

He continued his film career successfuly in the 20s with "Ihr tollster Trick" (20), "Das offene Grab" (21), "Das Gasthaus von Chicago" (21), "Quarantäne" (23), "Dudu, ein Menschenschicksal" (24), "Die Räuberbande" (28) and "Das Land ohne Frauen" (29).
Afterwards he concentrated to the theater again but with the coming up of the National Socialists the stage career in Germany came to an end for the Jew Kurt Katsch.
He continued his work for the Jewish Kulturbund in Berlin before he went to Poland where he acted again on stage. Moreover his also appeared in some more movies like "Al khet" (36), "Tkies khaf" (37) and "Ludzie Wisly" (38).
When his last movie "Ludzie Wisly" (38) was released in cinema Kurt Katsch was already in the USA where he arrived in New York in 1937.
In New York he went on to work at the theater and from 1941 he was also able to establish himself in the film business again. In the next years he impersonated numerous small roles.
In Hollywood he changed his name to Kurt Katch and to his well-known movies of the 40s belong "Man at Large" (41), "Berlin Correspondent" (42), "Counter-Espionage" (42), "The Purple V" (43), "Mission to Moscow" (42), "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" (42), "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (44), "The Mask of Dimitrios" (44), "The Seventh Cross" (44), "The Mummy's Curse" (44) and "Song of Love" (47).
From the 50s television became a much more important factor in his career and Kurt Katsch acte in front of the camera till to his death in 1958. To his roles belong an episode of the serial "The Philco Television Playhouse: The Great Escape" (51), an episode of the serial "Suspense: The Corrked Frame" (52), "Secret of the Incas" (54), an episode of the serial "Adventures of the Falcon: The Case of the Deadly Welcome" (54), an episode of the serial "Climax!: Casino Royale" (54), an episode of the serial "Space Patrol: Lair of the Space Spider" (55), an episode of the serial "Casablanca: Hand of Fate" (55), "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy" (55), "Never Say Goodbye" (56), "Hot Cars" (56), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Hiram Holliday: Sturmzig Cuneiform" (57), "Pharaoh's Curse" (57) and "The Young Lions" (58).

Other movies with Kurt Katsch:
Der Todesbote (20) Ein ungeklärter Fall (21) Wildnis (22) Zwischen Tag und Traum (22) Der Sohn des Galeerensträflings (23) Der Bund der Drei (29) Don Winslow of the Navy (42) Secret Agent of Japan (42) The Wife Takes a Flyer (42) Desperate Journey (42) Quiet Please: Murder (42) Edge of Darkness (43) They Came to Blow Up America (43) Background Danger (43) Secret Service in Darkest Africa (53) Watch on the Rhine (43) The Purple Heart (44) Make Your Own Bed (44) The Conspirators (44) Salome Where She Danced (45) Rendezvous 24 (46) Angel on My Shoulder (46) Strange Journey (46) Serie "The Clock: The Caller" (50) Serie "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: The Canton Story" (50) Serie "The Adventures of Ellery Queen: The Hanging Acrobat" (50) Serie "Lights Out: And Adam Begot" (51) Serie "Cosmopolitan Theatre: The Secret Front" (51) Serie "Studio One: Wintertime" (51) Serie "Studio One: Lilly, the Queen of the Movies" (52) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: Those in Favor" (52) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: The Law-Abiding" (52) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: The Sheffield Stgory" (52) Serie "Ramar of the Jungle: Zombie Terror" (53) Serie "General Electric Theater: Thirteen O'Clock" (53) Serie "General Electric Theater: The Wine of St. Albans" (53) Serie "The Red Skelton Show: Flugelmeyer's Secret Formula" (53) Serie "Letter to Loretta: Dr. Juliet" (54) Serie "Adventures of the Falcon: A Drug on the Market" (54) The Adventures of Hajji Baba (54) Serie "Waterfront: Cap'n Christopher" (54) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Breas Upon the Waters" (54) Serie "Treasury Men in Action: The Case of the Iron Curtain" (55) Serie "Space Patrol: The Web of Arachna" (55) Serie "Space Patrol: Collapse of the Spider's Web" (55) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Bitter Grapes" (55) Serie "Climax!: The Escape of Mendes-France" (55) Serie "Front Row Center: Meeting at Mayerling" (55) Serie "Warner Brothers Presents: Hand of Fate" (55) Serie "Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre: Bamboo Cross" (55) Serie "Matinee Theatre: O'Tolole from Moscow" (55) Serie "Secret File, U.S.A.: Mission Rhino" (55) Serie "TV Reader's Digest: Comrade Lindemann's Consience" (55) Serie "The Man Called X: Provocateur" (56) Serie "TV Reader's Digest: Courage" (56) Serie "TV Reader's Digest: The General's Escape " (56) Serie "Crusader: Way Station to Hope (56) Serie "You Are There: Hitler Invades Poland" (56) Serie "Navy Log: The Plebe" (56) Serie "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: The Lost Puppy" (56) Serie "Code 3: The Rooke Sheriff" (57) The Girl in the Kremlin (57) Serie "Navy Log: The Fighting Fig" (57) Serie "The Adventures of Jim Bowie: The Alligator" (57) Serie "The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna: Dutch Treatment" (57) Serie "Sally: Operation Intrigue" (58) The Gift of Love (58) The Beast of Budapest (58) When Hell Broke Loose (58)