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Erwin Kalser

Foto: Hanns Holdt (1887-1944)

1883 - 1958

The actor Erwin Kalser was born as Erwin Kalischer in Berlin.

When he finished his study at the University in Berlin he joined the touring company of Emil Geyers in 1907 and made his first acting experiences.

He already was engaged by the Munich Kammerspiele in 1911 where he remained active for the next eleven years.
In 1922 he moved to Berlin where he acted at different theaters in the next years.

He already impersonated his first movie role in 1920 for "George Bully" (20), in the next years followed other silent movies like "Oberst Rokschanin" (22), "I.N.R.I." (23), "Namenlose Helden" (25), "Rasputins Liebesabenteuer" (28), "Anastasia, die falsche Zarentochter" (28) and "Napoleon auf St. Helena" (29).

He continued his film career in Germany at the beginning of the 30s and he took part in the productions "Die letzte Kompagnie" (30), "Der Schuss im Tonfilmatelier" (30), "Dreyfus" (30), "Unheimliche Geschichten" (32), "Eine von uns" (32), "Der weisse Dämon" (32) and "Rund um eine Million" (33).

With the takover of the National Socialists he went to Switzerland where he continued his stage career at the Schauspielhaus Zurich. He also acted in the Swiss movie "Füsilier Wipf" (38).

In 1939 he emigrated to the USA where he was able again to gain a foothold in the film business. He played minor roles in movies like "Escape to Glory" (40), "The Devil Commands" (41), "Dressed to Kill" (41), "Berlin Correspondent" (42), "Mission to Moscow" (43), "Watch on the Rhine" (43), "Address Unknown" (44), "Strange Affair" (44), "Hotel Berlin" (45) and "Two Smart People" (46).

After the war he returned to Switzerland where he worked again at the Schauspielhaus Zurich from 1946 to 1951. The following year he went back to Germany and acted again on stages in Berlin regularly.

He was also active again in movies after the war, among them "Nach dem Sturm" (48), "The Girl in White" (52), "Stalag 17" (53), "Der 20. Juli" (55) and "Stresemann" (57).

Other movies with Erwin Kalser:
Die Talfahrt des Severin Hoyey (22) Ein Burschenlied aus Heidelberg (30) Der Herzog von Reichstadt (31) Das erste Recht des Kindes (32) Was wissen denn Männer (33) Escape (40) They Dare Not Love (41) Underground (41) Kings Row (42) The Purple Heart (44) Once Upon a Time (44) U-Boat Prisoner (44) They Live in Fear (44) Heavenly Days (44) The Congregation (52)