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Walter Jurmann

1903 - 1971

The filmcomposer Walter Jurmann was already interested in music at a young age but because at the request of his parents he studied medicine. Anyhow he did not finish the study but dedicated to the music again. He earned his first money as a piano player at the health resort Panhans in Semmering.

There he was spotted by the well-known Fritz Rotter in 1928 and they wrote together the hit "Was weisst Du, wie ich verliebt bin", Jurmann as a composer, Rotter as a lyricist. Soon the composer Bronislau Kaper joined in and was responsible for the arrangments. Walter Jurmann was also supported by Emmerich Kalman and Richard Strauss and he continued his career as a composer successfully.

He wrote numerous hits together with Bronislau Kaper which were interpreted by stars like the Comedian Harmonists (Veronika, der Lenz ist da), Hans Albers, Jan Kiepura and Willy Fritsch .

From 1931 Walter Jurmann got regular engagements for composing the music and songs for movies. To these works belong "Ihre Majestät die Liebe" (31), "Salto Mortale" (31), "Ehe mit beschränkter Haftung" (31), "Ein toller Einfall" (32) and "Madame wünscht keine Kinder" (33).

But his cometlike rise came to an abrupt end in 1933 when the National Socialist came into power. As a jew Walter Jurmann emigrated together with Bronislau Kaper to Paris where he continued his career. Among others he also wrote the music for movies like "Une femme au volant" (33) and "Les nuits moscovites" (34).

Finally he and Kaper became an invitingly offer from Hollywood which they accepted. They went to the USA in 1935 where they continued there works as composers and songwriters.
In the next years Walter Jurmann wrote the music for the productions "Three Smart Girls" (36), the Marx-Brothers movie "A Day at the Races" (37), "The Great Commandment" (39) and "Miracle on Main Street" (39).
But also his filmsongs made him famous in the USA. He composed the songs for movies like "Mutiny on the Bounty" (35), "A Night at the Opera" (35), "San Francisco" (36), "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (39), "Too Many Husbands" (40), "Presenting Lily Mars" (43) and "His Butler's Sister" (43).

Afterwards Walter Jurmann retired from the film business. Only between 1948 and 1950 he was active again. He was the production manager for the movies "Zyankali" (48) and "Liebe Freundin" (49) and 1950 he produced the movie "Kill or Be Killed" (50) for which he also wrote his last filmcomposition.

Other movies from Walter Jurmann (Filmcomposer):
Kreuzworträtsel (31) ...und das ist die Hauptsache!? (31) Die grosse Attraktion (31) Ausflug ins Leben (31) Es wird schon wieder besser (32) Skandal in der Parkstrasse (32) Hochzeitsreise zu dritt/Voyage de noces (32) Heut' kommt's drauf an (33) Ich will Dich Liebe lehren (33) Ein Lied für dich/Tout pour l'amour (33) Kind, ich freu' mich auf Dein Kommen (33) Mariage à responsabilité limitée (33) On a volé un homme (34) Le greluchon délicat (34) Escapade (35) Moscow Nights (35) Le chant du destin (36) El milagro de la calle mayor (39)

Ich glaub' nie mehr an eine Frau (30) Die Lindenwirtin (30) Melodie der Liebe (32) Tout pour l'amour (33) That's a Good Girl (33) Two Hearts in Wax Time (35) The Perfect Gentleman (35) Kind Lady (35) Last of the Pagans (35) Birthright (39) Nice Girl? (41) Seven Sweethearts (42) Thousands Cheer (43)

Tout pour l'amour (33)

Ausflug ins Leben (31)