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Fritz Junkermann

Foto: Wilhelm Willinger (1879-1943)

1883 - 1942

Fritz Junkermann inherited the artistic streak from his parents, the theater actors August Junkermann and Rosa Le Seur. His brother Hans Junkermann became also a well-known movie actor.

He began his acting career on stage in 1906, later he also became a movie actor and cabaret artist.

His first movie was Urban Gad's "Die Macht des Goldes" (12) with Asta Nielsen and he continued his film career in the next years with "Frau Annas Pilgerfahrt" (15) directed by Carl Wilhelm with Anna Müller-Lincke and Albert Paulig, "Im Banne des Schweigens" (16) with Reinhold Schünzel and Olga Engl, "Der verheiratete Junggeselle" (18) with Lya Ley, "Prinz Kuckuck" (19) directed by Paul Leni with Conrad Veidt and Olga Limburg and "Alfreds Techtelmechtel" (19) with Josefine Dora.

His last cinematical works came at the beginning of the 20s into being. To these works belong "Katharina die Grosse" (20) directed by Reinhold Schünzel with Ilka Grüning, Lucie Höflich and Fritz Kortner - in this movie he played the role of the Oberzeremonienmeisters - it followed as count Coefeld "Kean" (21) with Alexander Moissi in the title role and as Baptiste "Pariserinnen" (21) with Ressel Orla and Ralph Arthur Roberts.
Afterwards he concentrated again to the stage where he remained busy till 1940 successfully.

But in 1940 he was arrested on suspicion of homosexuality due to a testimony of a hustler. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison. But after the serving he was not released but brought by the Berlin criminal investigation department to the KZ Sachsenhausen in 1941. In the following year Fritz Junkermann he was castrated and there was a little help that Fritz Junkermann should avoid death penalty after this surgery. But only six months later he was killed in the gas chamber in Bernburg on October 12, 1942.

Other movies with Fritz Junkermann:
Sondis Kleine (16) Eine verzwickte Geschichte (17) Flimmersterne (18) Die geborgte Villa (18) Der provisorische Ehemann (18) Wie die Grossen (18) Wenn junge Herzen brechen (19) Lo's erster Maskenball (19) Die das Leben bezwang (19)