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John Pauls-Harding

1922 - 1987

The actor John Pauls-Harding studied acting and directing in Berlin, at the same time he made first artistic experiences as a cabaret artist. It followed some directions for smaller stages.

He soon became a popular stage comedian and he appeared among others at the Berliner Kammerspielen, later followed performances all over Germany.

He made his film debut in 1940 with "Unser Fräulein Doktor" (40), in the next years followed other cinematical works, normally support roles.
To these movies belong "Annelie" (41), "Stukas" (41), "Eine kleine Sommermelodie" (44) and "Junge Herzen".

He continued his film career after the war. First the movie "Jugendliebe" (47) was shown on the big screen, a production which was already shot in 1944. Afterwards followed actual movies like "Die Söhne des Herrn Gaspary" (48), "Eva und der Frauenarzt" (51), "Quax in Afrika" (53) - this movie was already shot in 1944 as well, "Der Kaplan von San Lorenzo" (53) and "Sonntagsgeschichten" (76).

John Pauls-Harding took over roles as a dubbing artist and he was the German voice for well-known actors like John Derek, Jean Marais or Frank Sinatra. Moreover he was also responsible for the dubbing direction of many international productions. Furthermore he was also busy as a novelist.

John Pauls-Harding lived together with the editor Wicky Strohmeyer. His son Henning Stegelmann was also active in the field of synchronization.

Other movies with John Pauls-Harding:
Mein Leben für Irland (41) Ich werde dich auf Händen tragen (43) Meine vier Jungens (44) Wir sehn uns wieder (45) Das Fräulein und der Vagabund (49) Kronjuwelen (50) Cuba Cabana (52) Hilfe – sie liebt mich (56) Der Filmschnitt (58) Der grosse Dreh – Friedrich-Hollaender-Revue (58) Serie "Es geschah an der Grenze: Spiel mit dem Feuer" (60)

Blaue Stunde mit Ursula Herking (60)