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Mary Johnson

Picture Mary Johnson
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1896 - 1975

The actress Mary Johnson was born as Astrid Maria Carlsson in Fors, Sweden.

After her film debut "Mannkängen" in 1913 she nearly acted for all Swedish film companies. To her early well-known movies belong "Nattens barn - Kind der Nacht" (16), "Revelj" (17), "Förstadsprästen" (17), "Nobelpristagaren" (18) and "Herr Arnes pengar - Herrn Arnes Schatz" (19).

She continued her career in Sweden in the 20s with "Robinson i skärgarden" (20), "Gunnar Hedes saga" (23) and "Johan Ulfstjerna" (23).
When the Swedish film production got into a crisis in the 20's she went to Germany where she got married with the actor Rudolf Klein-Rogge.
In Germany she shot among others the movies "Dagfin" (26), the Ibsen adaption "Das Haus der Lüge" (26) where she interpreted one of her most impressive roles and "Geschlecht in Fesseln" (28) and "Artisten" (28).

Because of her sensitive performance and her dainty appearance she was often compared with Mary Pickford, Bessie Love and Lillian Gish.

Mary Johnson was married with the actor Rudolf Klein-Rogge. They had one son. When her son died in 1943 she lost the sense to the reality and became more fatally in the next years. Rudolf Klein-Rogge's care was applied to her on the verge of his death. It seems that Mary Johnson - at this time she already lived again in Sweden for many years - appeared bewildered in her former domicile in Wetzelsdorf where she summoned for her husband and her son. 

Other movies with Mary Johnson:
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