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Fritz Jessner

Bild: Emil Stumpp (1886-1941)

1889 - 1946

The actor Fritz Jessner first finished a study as a legal scholar before he decided to go to the theater.

After a successful acting education he began his stage career as an actor in Berlin for Max Reinhardt. It followed engagements in Munich and Hamburg.

He became manager of the Neues Schauspielhaus in Königsberg in 1924, from 1934 he realised numerous plays as a director at the Schauspielhaus of the Jew Association in Berlin.

As a Jew he was no longer able to work in Germany and he went to Switzerland in 1936 where he continued his stage career, among others at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich and at the Stadttheater Bern.
Four years later he went to the USA where he worked again at the theater and where he also became a acting teacher. He worked among others in New Heaven and Northampton.

Fritz Jessner only took part in few movies as an actor.
His first movie was "König Nicolo" (19) at the side of numerous well-known actors like Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, Leopold von Ledebur, Henry Bender, Paul Biensfeldt, Julius Falkenstein, Max Adalbert and Paul Westermeier.

One year later he appeared in Hubert Moest's "Das Frauenhaus von Brescia" (20) with Fritz Delius, Ernst Deutsch, Maria Forescu, Olga Limburg, Josef Peterhans, Hedda Vernon, Eduard von Winterstein and Gertrude Welcker.