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Hilde Jennings

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1906 - ?

The actress Hilde Jennings got ballett lesson as a young girl and in later years she joined a Russian ballett group. It followed tours through Europe and North Africa.
Finally she was engaged at the Staatsoper Berlin.

She made her film debut in 1924 with "Die Brigantin von New York" (24) and could assert herself in this medium as well.
She could successfully gain a foothold in the film business in the next years and was convincing in "Wenn Menschen irren" (26), "Die Kleine und ihr Kavalier" (26), "Dirnentragödie" (27) and "Orientexpress" (27).

In the last years of the silent movie era - before the sound film produced a technical and artistic revolution - she took part in "Moral" (28), "Der erste Kuss" (28), "Die Rothausgasse" (28) and "Indizienbeweis" (29).

With her only German sound film "Sei gegrüsst, du mein schönes Sorrent" (30) she left Germany and went to the Sovjet Union together with her husband and director Mikhail Dubson. There she took part in two more movies - "Vesenniye dni" (34) und "Bolshie krylya" (37).
When her husband was arrested she was expelled from the country. What happened to Hilde Jennings afterwards is unknown.

Other movies with Hilde Jennings: 
O alte Burschenherrlichkeit (25) Die Frauen von Folies Bergères (26) Arme kleine Colombine (27) Der Geisterzug (27) Der Sträflingskavalier (27) Das deutsche Lied (28) Die letzte Galavorstellung des Zirkus Wolfsohn (28) Sünde und Moral (29) Zwei Brüder (29)