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Peter Igelhoff

1904 - 1978

The film composer Peter Igelhoff was born as Rudolf August Ordnung in Vienna.
Before he conquered the world of music he worked as a public servant. But from 1934 he studied music in Vienna and London, preferably Jazz. 
First public appearances followed from 1936 in Berlin where he often played piano.

But Peter Igelhoff soon turned out to be a talented composer of light music and he composed more than 1000 song in his career, countless sound carriers were published. Because of his great success he was also engaged for the entertainment.

To his first film compositions belong "Zwei Frauen" (38), "Drunter und drüber" (39) and "Wir machen Musik" (42).

His career got a setback when the National Socialists ordered a working prohibition for Peter Igelhoff because his music was too much influenced by American rhythms. Therefore he was sent to the front line in 1942 from where he luckily returned uninjured.

After the war he was able to continue his career smoothly and the 50's became a very busy decade.

In the 50's he also wrote many compositions for movies, among them "Mutter sein dagegen sehr" (51), "Tante Jutta aus Kalkutta" (53), "Eine Frau genügt nicht" (55), "IA in Oberbayern" (56), "Waldwinter" (56), "Zwei Bayern im Urwald" (57) and "Natürlich die Autofahrer" (59).

Afterwards his career as a film composer diminished, he wrote the music for "Der wahre Jakob" (60) and the serial "Alle Hunde lieben Theobald" (69).

In 1969 he was honored  in Austria with the title "professor".

Other movies with Peter Igelhoff:
Der Trichter V (39) Marguerite : 3 (39) Der Schuss (39) Was wird hier gespielt? (40) Herz - modern möbliert (40) Nacht ohne Sünde (50) Fräulein Casanova (53) Drei, von denen man spricht (53) Hurra - ein Junge (53) Glück muss man haben (53) Der doppelte Ehemann (55) Benehmen ist Glückssache (55) Der Frontgockel (55) Ein tolles Hotel (56) II-A in Berlin (56) Liebe, Sommer und Musik (56) Die verpfuschte Hochzeitsnacht (57) Zwei Bayern im Harem (57) Piefke, der Schrecken der Kompanie (58) Majestät auf Abwegen (58) Paprika (59) Gangsterjagd in Lederhosen (59) Die unvollkommene Ehe (59)