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Gerhard Huttula

1902 - 1996

The special effect man and cinematographer Gerhard Huttula made already his decision to become a cinematographer when he finished school. He made first cinematographical experiences in 1922 when his former art teacher produced an animated cartoon and engaged him for the trick camera.
Gerhard Huttula was obliged as a trick cinematographer for the "Ufa-Kopieranstalt" in 1930 where he became acquainted with the newest equipments. His first feature film was the scandal movie "Ekstase/Symphonie der Liebe" (32), which was forbidden in Germany for the time being because of a short nude appearance of the actress Hedwig Kiesler (the later Hedy Lamarr).

His real career as a special effect man began from 1938. To his well-known movies of these years belong "Kongo-Express" (39), "Friedemann Bach" (41), "Stukas" (41), "Quax, der Bruchpilot" (41), "Dr. Crippen an Bord" (42) and "Opfergang" (43). 
To his most impressive works belong the railway disaster in "Damals" (43), the motor launch cruise of  Hans Albers in "Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7" (44) and especially Hans Albers' ride on the cannon bullet in the star casted movie "Münchhausen" (43).

Gerhard Huttula took over the job of a cinematographer after the war and shot a whole string of fairy tale movies like "Rotkäppchen" (53), "Hänsel und Gretel" (54), "Frau Holle" (54), "Struwwelpeter" (54) and "Dornröschen" (55). 
Beside it he realised more than 1'000 commercial spots between 1958 and 1970 and took on a lectureship at the technical college for optics and photo technique.

Other movies from Gerhard Huttula (Special effects, Cinematographer):
Fueva de la ley - Ausserhalb des Gesetzes (38) Spiel im Sommerwind (38) Die Geliebte (39) Bal paré (40) Über alles in der Welt (41) Die grosse Liebe (42) Diesel (42) Hab' mich lieb (42) Quax in Fahrt/Quax in Afrika (44) Kolberg (44) Die Frau meiner Träume (44) Ina, Peter und die Rasselbande (55) Aschenputtel (55) Tischlein deck Dich (56) Kalle wird Bürgermeister (56) Aufruhr im Schlaraffenland (57) Die Gänsemagd (57)