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Toni Huppertz

1900 - 1945

The screenwriter Toni Huppertz served as a young man during World War I, afterwards he was on duty for a mine swat team and he worked on a fishing boat.
It followed other occupations, among others as an administrator for a shipping company, before he made first experiences in the film business. He first was a minor actor in some movies and from 1934 he became a director assistant for the productions "Des jungen Dessauers grosse Liebe" (33), "Jungfrau gegen Mönch" (34), "Petersburger Nächte" (35), "Der alte und der junge König" (35) and "Vergiss mein nicht" (35).
He got an education as a director at the Max-Reinhardt school in Berlin and afterwards he realised some plays at the theater.
He also directed a movie once called "Soldaten -Kameraden" (36).
Afterwards he became a screenwriter. In the next years he wrote the screenplays for the movies "Kameraden auf See" (38), "Herz geht vor Anker" (40), "Kopf hoch, Johannes!" (41), "Das grosse Spiel" (42) and "Die Affäre Rödern" (44).
Briefly before the end of World War II Toni Huppertz died in Vicenza, Italy.

Other movies from Toni Huppertz:
Soldaten – Kameraden (36) La signora di Montecarlo (38) Grenzfeuer (39) Mein Leben für Irland (41) Das schwarze Schaf (44) Kamerad Hedwig (45)