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Joop van Hülsen

Lichtbild aus "I miserabli" 1948

1888 - 1971

The actor Joop van Hulzen began his film career in his home country Netherlands where he appeared in "Helleveeg" (20) and "Geeft ons kracht" (20).

When he came to Germany at the end of the 20's he changed his name into Joop van Hülsen. He took part in movies like "Die Frau mit dem Weltrekord" (27) with Hans Adalbert Schlettow and Valerie Boothby, "Der Fremdenlegionär" (28) with Gustav Fröhlich and Therese Giehse as well as "Villa Falconieri" (28) directed by Richard Oswald with Maria Jacobini and Hans Stüwe.

Joop van Hülsen went to Italy in the 30's where he was able to continue his film career successfully. 
To his well-known movies belong "L'ultima nemica" (37), "Un colpo di pistola" (42), "Tempesta sul golfo" (43), "Roma, citta aperta" (45), "I miserabili" (48) and "Marechiaro" (49).

In the last years of his active career he extended it on the international level and took part in productions like "Black Magic" (49) with Orson Welles, "Prince of Foxes" (49) again with Orson Welles, "The Small Miracle" (51), "I tre corsari" (52) and "War and Peace" (56).

He ended his careen in the Netherlands where he acted in "De opvolger" (65) and "Het gangstermeisje" (66).

Other movies with Joop van Hülsen:
Amiamoci cosi (40) Bengasi (42) Acque di primavera (42) Resurrezione (44) Avanti a lui tremava tutta Roma (46) Gli uomini sono nemici (48) Accidenti alla guerra!... (48) La strada buia (49) Il grido della terra (49) E piu facie che un cammello… (51) Il caimano del Piave (51) Jolanda la figlia del corsaro nero (52) Camicie rosse (52) Gli sbandati (55)