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Camilla Horn

Picture Camilla Horn
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1903 - 1996

The actress Camilla Horn made an education as a dressmaker and practised in Erfurt. Beside it she took dance lessons and had first entrances at cabarets. 

Together with Marlene Dietrich she worked as an extra and appeared in "Tartüff" (25). 
She made her great breakthrough one year later. The famous US actress Lillian Gish called off for the part of Gretchen for the movie "Faust" (26) and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau engaged the unknown Camilla Horn. She pointed out as the ideal cast and the movie raised her to the state of a star.

After this huge success she signed a four-year contract with the Ufa and acted in "Jugendrausch" (27) and "Der fröhliche Weinberg" (27).

When she was engaged by United Artists, she went to the USA soon after where she shot two movies - "Tempest - Wetterleuchten" (28) at John Barrymore's side and "Eternal Love - Der König der Bernina" (29) directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

She continued in the sound film to play in different countries and she appeared besides Germany also in England and France. To her most popular movies of the 30's belong "Die grosse Sehnsucht" (30), "Hans in allen Gassen" (30), "Moral und Liebe" (33), "Die grosse Chance" (34), "Der letzte Walzer" (34), Der rote Reiter" (35), "Gauner im Frack" (37), "Fahrendes Volk" (39) and "Roman eines Arztes" (39).

During the years of war she got more and more only minor parts or she acted in Italian productions. In this time you could see her in the movies "Die keusche Geliebte" (40), "Friedemann Bach" (41), "Paura d'amare" (42), "Seine beste Rolle" (43) and "Intimitäten" (44).

The German movie of the post-war time passed the formal star over and offered her roles only rarely. She appeared among others in "Königin der Arena" (52), "Vati macht Dummheiten" (53), "Die Erbin" (58) and "Heisses Spiel für harte Männer" (68).

Only in the 80's they thought better of the acting abilities of Camilla Horn and she got offers for the movies "Frankies Braut" (82), "Schloss Königswald" (87) - a Hommage to former film stars of that time which comprised Marianne Hoppe, Carola Höhn, Marika Rökk and Rose Renée Roth at Camilla Horn's side, "Der Unsichtbare" (87) and finally the serial "Das Nest" (88).

Other movies with Camilla Horn:
Die Frauengasse von Algier (27) Die Königsloge (29) Die Drei um Edith (29) Mein Herz gehört Dir/Madonna im Fegefeuer (29) Moral um Mitternacht (30) Fundvogel (30) Sonntag des Lebens (30) Das Lied der Nationen (31) Ich geh' aus und Du bleibst da (31) Leichtsinnige Jugend (31) Die Nacht ohne Pause (31) Die fünf verfluchten Gentlemen (32) Der Frechdachs (32) The Return of Raffles (32) Matinee Idol (33) The Love Nest (33) Rund um eine Million (33) Rakoczy-Marsch (33) Wenn ich König wär! (33) Der Doppelgänger (34) The Luck of a Sailor (34) Ein Walzer für Dich (34) Ich sehne mich nach Dir (34) Weisse Sklaven (36) Sein letztes Modell (37) Rote Orchideen (38) In geheimer Mission (38) Zentrale Rio (39) Polterabend (40) Herz ohne Heimat (40) Die letzte Runde (40) L'angelo del crepuscolo (42) Vertigine - Tragödie einer Liebe (42) Gesucht wird Majora (49) Die 40 Minuten der Henriette (53) Serie "Die Löwenlotte" (65) Serie "Die Schwarzwaldklinik: Die Wunderquelle" (85)