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Robert Horky

1908 - 1983

The actor and director Robert Horky got an acting education at the Max Reinhardt seminar. Afterwards he began his artistic career as a stage actor at the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna in 1931.

He got in touch with the film business in 1933 for the first time when he was a co-writer of the screenplay for the scandal movie "Ekstase" (33). In this movie the actress Hedwig Kiesler had a short nude scene. Later she became famous in Hollywood as Hedy Lamarr.

Another screenplay from Robert Horky was "Glück bei Frauen" (44).

Robert Horsky also appeared as an actor in front of the camera from 1934.
To his movies till the end of World War II belong "Hohe Schule" (34), "Liebling der Matrosen" (37), "Anton der Letzte" (39), "Krambambuli" (40) and "Schwarz auf Weiss" (43).
His cinematical appearances remained seldom after the war for the time being. From 1970 he impersonated several roles in TV productions.
To his last cinematical works belong "Dämonische Liebe" (50), an episode of the serial "Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne: Der Urlaub" (71), an episode of the serial "Tatort: Mord im Ministerium" (74), an episode of the serial "Hallo - Hotel Sacher...Portier!: Der Installateur" (74) and "Das Licht der Gerechten" (79).

Robert Horky was convinced of the idea of the National Socialists and he served for them by undercutting the employees of the Theater in der Josefstand in order to uncover anti-Nationalitic ideas.

Other movies with Robert Horky:
So gefällst Du mir (41) Liebe ist zollfrei (41) Oh, diese Männer (41) Scheibenschiessen (70) Totstellen (75) Der Sohn eines Landarbeiters wird Bauarbeiter und baut sich ein Haus (75)