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Gussy Holl

Foto: Otto van Bosch (ca. 1845 bis vor 1940)

1888 - 1966

The actress and cabaret singer Gussy Holl already appeared in 1913 in front of the camera for the first time for "Amerika - Europa im Luftschiff" (13).

But her main focus remained to the stage where she was very successful as a cabaret singer.

Only from 1919 she continued her film career and she impersontad different roles in the next few years. To these movies belong "Die Prostitution" (19), "Die sich verkaufen" (19) and "Wahnsinn" (19).

She got married with the actor Conrad Veidt in 1918 but the marriage was divorced four years later.
Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being with "Die Nacht auf Goldenhall" (20), "Menschen im Rausch" (21) and "Sehnsucht" (21).

Afterwards she dedicated to the stage again and famous writers like Carl Zuckmayer and Kurt Tucholsky belonged to her admirers. In 1923 she got married a second time, this time with the actor Emil Jannings. She went to the USA with him in 1926 where Emil Jannings launched a brief but impressive American film career. They both returned to Germany in 1929.