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Hedi Höpfner  1911 - 1988

Margot Höpfner 1912 - 2000

Foto: Hans Robertson (1883-1950)
The actresses Hedi and Margot Höpfner began their career already in their childhood and had their firs film appearance in the silent movie "Kindertränen". 
They also received a dancing education at the Städtische Oper Berlin at the same time. In 1928 they were achieved with the up-and-coming prize for their appearance at the Kabarett der Komiker.

The great breakthrough came with the engagement of Margot Höpfner by Gustaf Gründgens for the performance "Banditen". The sisters appeared often together at the theater in the following years and also took part in movies like "Die Czardasfürstin" (34), "Mach' mich glücklich" (35), "Kirschen in Nachbars Garten" (35), "Flitterwochen" (36), "Truxa" (36, "Es leuchten die Sterne" (38) and "Capriccio" (38).
Beside it Margot Höpfner had a solo appearance in the movies "Ich und die Kaiserin" (33) and "Savoy-Hotel 217/Mord im Savoy" (36).

During wartime they concentrated to the stage mainly, for example a dancing pantomime after "Max and Moritz". They also acted in the movies "Fronttheater" (42), in the short film "Bunter Reigen" (43) and the huge production "Münchhausen" (43).

Hedi and Margot Höpfner didn't take part in any movies after the war but were engaged at dance arrangements and played on the stage.
The sisters separated at the end of the 50's and went their own ways. Both inaugurated acting schools in Hamburg for dance, acting and pantomime.

Margot Höpfner's most famous student was Doris Nefedov who became famous as a singer under her pseudonymous Alexandra. Her untimely death in 1969 was a bad blow for Margot Höpfner.
Margot Höpfner died in 2000.

From Hedi Höpfners acting school arose among others the actors Klaus J. Behrendt and Christoph M. Ohrt. Hedi Höpfner died in 1988.