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Gertrude Hoffmann

Foto: Mario von Bucovich (1884-1947)

1871 - 1968

The actress Gertrude Hoffmann was born as Eliza Gertrude Wesselhoeft in Heidelberg .She entered the film business in 1917 and to her first movies belong "Ein nasses Abenteuer" (17) "Die blaue Laterne" (18), "Heddas Rache" (19) and "Die Prostitution" (19).

The height of her film career followed in the silent movie era of the 20s and she impersonated roles in the productions "Das Geheimnis der Mitternachtsstunde" (20), "Satans Peitsche" (20), "New York - Paris" (20), "Die entfesselte Menschheit" (20), "Lepain" (20), "Die Ratten" (21), "Louise de Lavallière" (22) and "Die Schlucht des Todes" (23).

Finally she went to the USA where she impersonated support roles in numerous movies. To these productions belong "Before Dawn" (33), "The Gentleman from Louisiana" (36), "Foreign Correspondent" (40), "Suspicion" (41), "I Married an Angel" (42), "The Clock" (45), "Caged" (50), "The War of the Worlds" (55) and "Not As a Stranger" (55).

Gertrude Hoffmann was married with the cinematographer Karl Freund verheiratet. 

Other movies with Gertrude Hoffmann:
Der Rubin-Salamander (18) Die ums Leben spielen (19) Das Labyrinth der Liebe (20) Tagebuch meiner Frau (20) Auri Sacra Fames (20) Rafaello – Das Rätseln von Kopenhagen (20) Der Spitzel (20) Der Schrecken der Millionäre (20) Das Gewissen der Welt, 1. Teil: Schattenpflanzen der Grossstadt (21) Das Handicap der Liebe (21) Kaschemmenadel (21) Der Fall Gembalsky (22) Hell and High Water (33) I'll Tell the World (34) The Cat's Paw (34) 6 Day Bike Rider (34) Les Misérables (35) A Son Comes Home (36) Mountain Justice (37) Cassidy of Bar 20 (38) Laugh It Off (39) East Side Kids (40) Untamed (40) The Ape (40) Lydia (41) One Foot in Heaven (41) No Hands on the Clock (41) North of the Rockies (42) The Wife Takes a Flyer (42) Texas Trouble Shooters (42) Tish (42) Commandos Strike at Dawn (42) The Moon Is Down (43) Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (43) A Guy Named Joe (43) What a Woman (43) The Heavenly Body (44) The Bride Wore Boots (46) California (47) Welcome Stranger (47) Roseanne McCoy (49) The File of Thelma Jordan (50) The Company She Keeps (51) Close to My Heart (51) Serie "My Little Margie" (52-55) Serie "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Long Shot" (55) Serie "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: I Shot a Prowler" (58)