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Julius Herzka

1859 - 1925

The director Julius Herzka was able to become established as a stage actor from 1880 and in the next years he got engagements at theaters in Czernowtz, Vienna, Linz and Prague.
At the end of the 19th century shifted his activity more and more to the direction of plays.

At the beginning of the 20s he was not only a director but also a managers at different theaters, among them the Stadttheater Brünn.

Finally he dedicated to the film business at the beginning of the 20s and Julius Herzka realised several silent movies, often with Nora Gregor as the leading actress.
To his well-known movies belong "Das grinsende Gesicht" (21) with Nora Gregor, Franz Höbling and Eugen Jensen, , "Meriota, die Tänzerin" (22) with Nora Gregor, Maria Mindzenty, Oscar Beregi, Max Devrient, Victor Kutschera and Ferdinand Mayerhofer, "Die trennende Brücke" (22) with Nora Gregor, Eugen Jensen, Viktor Flemming and Maria Mindzenty, "Der Kaufmann von Venedig" (22), "Der Himmel voller Geigen" (23) with Hansi Niese and Emil Guttmann and "Die kleine Sünde" (23) with Nora Gregor and Viktor Flemming.

Other movies from Julius Herzka:
Die Wienerstadt in Bild und Lied (23) Menschen, Menschen san ma alle..! (23)