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Wilhelm Heim

1888 - 1954

The actor Wilhelm Heim appeared in movies time and again from 1930 but his main activity was on the stage.

He made his film debut with Georg Jacoby's "Geld auf der Strasse" (30) with Georg Alexander, Hans Moser, Rosa Albach-Retty, Hugo Thimig and Hedy Lamarr. In this movie he played a bookkeeper.

Afterwards he played a suicidal person in "Episode" (35) at the side of Paula Wessely, Otto Tressler, Karl Ludwig Diehl, Fritz Imhoff and Rosa Albach-Retty, he impersonated Alois Gleich in "Brüderlein fein" (42) directed by Hans Thimig with Hans Holt, Hermann Thimig, Marte Harell, Karl Skraup, Winnie Markus, Paul Hörbiger and Ferdinand Mayerhofer and finally he was Mr. Sporner in "Die goldene Fessel" (44) with Hans Holt, Friedl Czepa, Attila Hörbiger, Hermann Thimig and Thea Weis.

He continued his film career after World War II but he appearances in front of the camera remained seldom.
He played Prof. Werner in "Wiener Melodien" (47) with Johannes Heesters, Elfie Mayerhofer, Egon von Jordan and Eugen Neufeld, he took part in "Die Welt dreht sich verkehrt" (47) with Hans Moser, Karl Skraup, Thea Weis, Theodor Danegger and Max Brod and he impersonated the composer Salieri in Gustav Ucicky's "Singende Engel" (47) with Hans Holt, Gustav Waldau, Käthe Dorsch and Fritz Imhoff.

His last cinematical work came for television into being. In "Der Färber und sei Zwillingsbruder" (54) with Josef Meinrad, Richard Eybner and Hans Thimig he played Mr. von Löwenschlucht.