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Grit Hegesa

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1891 - 1972

The actress Grit Hegesa was born as Caroline Margaretha Schmidt.
After lessons for dance and speech she made first experiences on stage in Germany and soon followed first engagement in front of the camera.

She made her screen debut in the role of the waitress Lore with "Des Prokurators Tochter" (17) with Ria Witt and Hermann Thimig. It followed "Geflüster des Teufels" (19) with Esther Carena and Anton Ernst Rückert, "Miss Sarah Sampson" (19) with Robert Scholz, "Erdgift" (19) with Kurt Lilien and Arthur Schröder as well as "Wahnsinn" (19) with Conrad Veidt and Reinhold Schünzel. This was also one of very few movies for which Conrad Veidt was also responsible as a director.

Her last cinematical works came in the silent movie era of the 20s into being. To these works belong the role Marylowna in "Der weisse Pfau" (20) directed by Ewald André Dupont with Guido Herzfeld and Hans Mierendorff, again with director Dupont "Whitechapel" (20) with Henry Bender and Otto Gebühr, Karl Grune's "Mann über Bord" (21) with Alfred Abel, "Die Nacht ohne Morgen" (21) directed by Karl Grune with Eugen Klöpfer, the mini-series "Kinder der Finsternis" (21) directed by Dupont with Hans Mierendorff, Otto Tressler and Adele Sandrock and as Cissy Mohr in "Fräulein Else" (29) directed by Paul Czinner with Elisabeth Bergner, Albert Bassermann and Albert Steinrück.

Besides her activity as a movie actress she also acted regularly on stage and appeared as a dancer.

Grit Hegesa was among others married with the artist painter Emil van Hauth (1899-1974).

Other movies with Grit Hegesa:
Seine Beichte/Bekenntnisse eines Lebemannes (19) Das Recht der freien Liebe (20) Fakir der Liebe (20) Der Mann auf der Flasche (20) Nachtbesuch in der Northernbank (21)