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Paul Hardtmuth

1888 - 1962

The actor Paul Hardtmuth appeared in his first movie in 1917 for "Ehestiftung mit Hindernissen" (17). In the 20s followed few more silent movies like "Um der Liebe Willen" (20), "Nur eine Nacht" (22) and "Der grosse Dieb" (22).
Afterwards it lasted more than 20 years before he acted in front of the camera again.
Only after his move to the USA he continued his film career, often for TV productions.
To his well-known postwar movies belong "Bedelia" (46), "I Was a Male War Bride" (49), "The Third Man" (49), "Desperate Moment" (53), "All for Mary" (55), the serial "The Strange World of Planet X" (56), "The Curse of Frankenstein" (57), an episode of the serial "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan: A Hamlet in Flames" (57), an episode of the serial "Charlie Drake: The Siberian Sandwiper" (58), "The House of the Seven Hawks" (59) and the serial "Magnolia Street" (61).
Besides his activity as an actor he also wrote the screenplay for "Um der Liebe Willen" (20).

Other movies with Paul Hardtmuth:
Unrecht Gut (21) Die büssende Magdalena (22) Frauen, die die Ehe brechen (22) The Lost People (49) Highly Dangerous (50) The Wonder Kid (51) Street of Shadows (53) The Diamond (54) Lies My Father Told Me (55) Timeslip (55) Serie "The Adventures of Annabel: Busman's Holiday" (55) Serie "London Playhouse: Adeline Girard" (55) The Gamma People (56) Serie "Tales from Soho: The Protectors" (56) Serie "Double Cross" (56) Assignment Redhead (56) Odongo (56) Serie "Chevron Hall of Stars: Disappearance" (56) Serie "Kenilworth" (57) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The English Family Robinson – Free Passage Home" (57) Serie "Television World Theatre: The Captain of Koepenick" (58) Serie "Drake's Progress" (57-58) Serie "Saturday Playhouse: Trilby" (59) Serie "Charlesworth: Pears Before..." (59) Serie "Probation Officer" (60) Serie "Skyport" (60) Serie "No Hiding Place: The Burning Question" (60) Doctor Blood's Coffin (61) Serie "Danger Man: The Journey Ends Halfway" (61) Serie "The Pursuers: The Silent Witness" (61)