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Fritz Hartwig

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The actor Fritz Hartwig was only active in the film business for few years from 1918 but he was able to impersonate several roles in that time.

To his silent movies of the 10s belong "Nixenzauber" (18) as Huldbrand von Ringstetten with Eugen Rex and Guido Schützendorf, "Ein Frühlingstraum" (19) with Hilde Wörner, Olga Engl, Emil Birron and Richard Senius, Jaap Speyer's "Lilli" (19) as Ulrich Traube at the side of Mia Pankau, Leopoldine Konstantin, Charles Willy Kayser, Reinhold Schünzel, Bruno Eichgrün, Kurt Middendorf and Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, playing the role of a painter in "Moderne Töchter" (19) directed by Manfred Noa with Manja Tzatschewa, Rudolf Lettinger, Max Laurence and Olga Engl as well as "Nach dem Gesetz" (19) as a journalist with Asta Nielsen, Guido Herzfeld and Theodor Loos.

His last movie came in 1920 into being with "Der Kampf der Geschlechter" (20) directed by Joseph Delmont with Paul Hartmann, Eduard von Winterstein and Paul Conradi.

Other movies with Fritz Hartwig:
Eine junge Dame aus guter Familie (19) Lillis Ehe (19) Das Recht der freien Liebe (19) Das Werk seines Lebens (19)