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Einar Hanson

1899 - 1927

The actor Einar Hanson began his career at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm where he was spotted by the director Mauritz Stiller.

He made his film debut with "Hemsöborna" (19), it followed the silent movies "Gunnar Hedes saga" (23), "Johan Ulfstjerna" (23) and "Mälarpirater" (24).

He went to Germany in 1925 where he appeared in the productions "Lumpen und Seide" (25) and "Die freudlose Gasse" (25).

When Mauritz Stiller went to the USA together with Greta Garbo he attended them and shortly afterwards he was able to continue his film career in the USA successfully too.
He impersonated roles in the movies "Into Her Kingdom" (26) and "Her Big Night" (26) and it was planned that he should become the follower of the late screen ido Rudolph Valentino.

Einar Hanson was very successful with his next movies "The Lady in Ermine" (27), "The Masked Woman" (27), "Fashions for Women" (27), "Children of Divorce" (27), "Barbed Wire" (27) and "The Woman on Trial" (27).

But his cometlike rise came abruptly to an end. After a party, which was also attended by Mauritz Stiller and Greta Garbo, he drove home with his car in a drunk condition.  His car began skidding and Einar Hanson got off the road. He died on the way to the hospital.

Other movies with Einar Hanson:
33'333 (24) Livet pa landet (249 Skeppargatan 40 (25) Takt, tone og tosser (25) Fra Piazza del Popolo (25)