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Charlotte Hagenbruch

1896 - 1968

The actress and screenwriter Charlotte Hagenbruch got acting lessons at the Hoftheater Meiningen and she was able to launch a stage career which began in Chemnitz and led her to Nuremberg and Berlin.

She joined the film business in 1919 and she played her first movie role in "Der Schicksals-Dolch" (19).

She impersonated other roles in the 20s and to her silent movies belong "Götzen-Dämmerung" (20), "Das Gesicht im Spiegel" (20), "Opfer der Keuschheit" (21), "Unter Räubern und Bestien" (21), "Die Tigerin" (22) and "Tingeltangel" (22).

She got married with the actor and director Wilhelm Dieterle in 1921 and they founded together the production company "Charha-Film".
In the next years she wrote several screenplays for Wilhelm Dieterle's movies, to these works belong "Die Heilige und ihr Narr" (28), "Ich lebe für Dich" (29), "Frühlingsrauschen" (29), "Das Schweigen im Walde" (29) and "Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern" (30).

For Wilhelm Dieterle it was the beginning of an impressive career as a movie director which he continued in the USA as William Dieterle.

Charlotte Hagenbruch took part in two more movies as an actress in "Die Maske fällt" (31) and "Die heilige Flamme" (31), afterwards she went to the USA with her husband. There she was active as an acting teacher and she was also the manager of her husband.