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Yvette Guilbert

Lichtbild aus "Faust" 1926

1865 - 1944

The actress and singer Yvette Guilbert was born as Emma Laure Esther Guilbert in Paris. She began her professional career as a seller in a department store, beside it she also worked as a model.
After a singing education she soon became successful as a singer and from 1888 followed numerous appearances, among other at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 1890 and at the Wintergarten in Berlin.
It followed tours through Europe, Africa and the USA.
From 1919 Yvette Guilbert also took part in some silent movies like "An Honorable Cad" (19) and "Les deux gosses" (24) before she went to Germany for a brief time where she acted in the movie classic "Faust" (26) and "Die lachende Grille" (26).
Afterwards she appeared again in front of the camera in France for the productions "L'argent" (28), "Bluff" (29), "La Dame d'en Face" (32), "Les deux orphelines" (33) and "Faisons uns rève..." (36).
Beside it she also published two novels with "La vedette" and "Les Demi-vieilles". 

Other movies with Yvette Guilbert:
Le manque de mémoire (29) En zinc sec (31) Laissez faire le temps (32) Pècheur d'Islande (34)