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Nora Gregor

Foto: Franz Xaver Setzer (1886-1939)

1901 - 1949

The actress Nora Gregor started her film career at the beginning of the 20's. She played in the movies "Die Schauspielerin des Kaisers" and "Meriota, die Tänzerin" in 1921 and continued her successfully her career with the movies "Die Venus" (22) and "Die kleine Sünde" (23).

With the movie "Michael" (24), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, she achieved her first great success, after that followed appearances in "Moderne Laster" (24) and "Der Geiger von Florenz" (26).

Nora Gregor was in the USA when the sound movie replaced the silent movie and she appeared at Norma Shearer's and Lewis Stone's side in the movie "The Trial of Mary Dugan" (29) and played under the direction of Jacques Feyder the leading role in the German speaking movie "Olympia" (30), afterwards she appeared together with Buster Keaton in the movie "Wir schalten um auf Hollywood" (31).

After a short excursion to Germany, where she acted in the movie "Und das ist die Hauptsache" (31) auftrat, she played in the movie "But the Flesh Is Weak" (32) in the USA again.

Finally she went back to Europe and worked in Germany and Austria. She played in the movies "Abenteuer am Lido" (33) and "Was Frauen träumen" (33) before she had to flee from Europe in 1938 together with her husband Ernst Rüdiger Fürst Starhemberg.
She appeared a last time on the European screen with the movie "La règle du jeu" (39), directed by Jean Renoir, then her career ended.
With an appearance in the Chilean movie "La fruta mordida" (45) she performed her very last part.

Nora Gregor admitted suicide in 1949.

Other movies with Nora Gregor:
Die trennende Brücke (22) Irrlichter der Tiefe (23) Das Mädchen mit der Protektion (25) Der Mann, der sich verkauft (25) Eheskandal im Hause Fromont jun. und Riesler sen. (27)