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Allan Gray

1902 - 1973

The filmcomposer Allan Gray was born as Josef Zmigrod in Tarnau. He had a musical education by Arnold Schönberg before he wrote first compositionens for stage performances of Max Reinhardt.
Finally Allan Gray wrote the music for numerous revues and cabarets where he set the text of well-known authors to music.

From 1931 Allan Gray became also a demanded filmcomposer and he wrote the music for the productions "Berlin-Alexanderplatz" (31), "Emil und die Detektive" (31), "Die Gräfin von Monte-Christo" (32), "Mensch ohne Namen" (32), "F.P.1 antwortet nicht" (32) with the popular song "Flieger, grüss mir die Sonne" and the production "Brennendes Geheimnis" (33).

Allan Gray left Germany with the rise of the National Socialists and he went to England where he wrote the music for several performances at the Arts Theatre in London. Afterwards he also gained a foothold in the British film business. In the meantime he was interned on the Isle of Man.
To his works as a filmcomposer till the end of the war belong "The First Offence" (36), "Secret of Stamboul" (36), "The Challenge" (38), "The Life and Death of Colonel Blump" (43) and "A Canterbury Tale" (44).

After the end of World War II Allan Gray wrote the soundtrack for British and American productions. To these movies belong "This Man Is Mine" (46), "A Matter of Life and Death" (46), "The Reluctant Widow" (50), "The African Queen" (51), "The Accused" (53), "Dangerous Voyage" (54), "The Last Moment" (54) and "The Big Hunt" (59).

Other movies from Allan Gray:
Hände aus dem Dunkel (33) Rund um eine Millione (33) Une fois dans la vie (34) Mauvaise graine (34) Wolf's Clothing (36) The Marriage of Corbal (36) The House of the Spaniard (36) School for Husbands (37) Kate Plus Ten(38) Sans lendemain (39) The Silver Fleet (43) The Volunteer (44) Latin Quarter (45) I Know Where I'm Going! (45) Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill (49) Madness of the Heart (49) Sauche Tartare (49) No Place for Jennifer (50) The Woman with No Name (50) The Late Edwina Black (51) The Planter's Wife (52) Women of Twilight (52) The Genie (53) The Triangle (53) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, jr. Presents: (53-54) Dangerous Voyage (54) Three's Company (54) Thought to Kill (54) Destination Milan (54) Solang' es hübsche Mädchen gibt (55)