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Albin Grau

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell (Eisenhut)

1884 - 1971

The film designer, graphic artist and illustrator Albin Grau attended the Art Academy in Dresden. His artistic career was interrupted by World War I and he served on the Eastern Front during those years.

After the war he continued his artistic career and became an important member in esoteric circles. He was a Grand Master of the Lodge of the Light Seeking Brothers.

As an artist he realized movie posters and advertisements. During his realization of the film poster for "Der Gang in die Nacht" he met the director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Because of Albin Grau's preference for the mysterious, he convinced Murnau to make a vampire film. Albin Grau took over the artistic direction and he designed the costumes and the film equipment for the movie. In addition, he drew numerous advertisements.
We are talking about the classic film "Nosferatu" (22) with Max Schreck in the title role, which was produced by Albin Grau's company "Prana-Film".

After that, Albin Grau was involved in few more films as a film editor and costume designer like "Schatten" (23), "Pietro der Korsar" (25) and "Das Haus der Lüge" (26).
He also wrote the screenplay for "Schatten" (23).

In 1925 Albin Grau met the occultist Aleister Crowley, his last cinematographic work was the creation of a documentary about Crowley. After that he turned to occult studies and became the leading "Frater Pacitius" of the Berlin lodge Pansophia. He was also a contributor to the magazine "Saturn Gnosis".

After the war he lived for many years in Switzerland, where years after his death an important artistic estate was found. This estate consisting of numerous drawings and photos for the film "Nosferatu" but also his commitment to occultism is now in the possession of the Appenzell Library.