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Owen Gorin

Owen Gorin
Foto: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1900 - 1996

The actor Owen Gorin was born as Helmut Goeze in Hamburg. He began his film career in the USA with "Crooked Alley" (23) with Laura La Plante.

Afterwards he went to Germany where he continued his film career.
To his well-known silent movies belong "Garragan" (24) with Carmel Myers and Eduard von Winterstein, "Komödianten" (25) with Lya de Putti and Eugen Klöpfer after a script of Felix Salten and "Leidenschaft" (25) directed by Richard Eichberg with Otto Gebühr and Lilian Harvey.

Finally he returned to the USA where he took part in some more movies but normally played minor roles with one exception.
To these movies belong "The Awakening" (28) with Vilma Banky and Walter Byron and "The Pace That Kills" (28), his last silent movie and also his last leading role.

The sound film marked the end of his cinematical career and he only appeared as a support actor in the productions "Hell's Angels" (30) with Jean Harlow and Ben Lyon as well as "Dracula's Daughter" (36) with Otto Kruger. 

Owen Gorin died at the age of 96 in Los Angels in 1996.

Other movies with Owen Gorin:
...und es lockt ein Ruf aus sündiger Welt (25) Zapfenstreich (25) Leidenschaft (25) Die eiserne Braut (25)