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Adolf Gondrell

1902 - 1954

The actor and cabaret artist Adolf Gondrell began his career at the end of the 10s on the stage and he became well-known as Conférencier of the "Bonbonniere" which he founded himself. 
But his field of activity was not limited to Munich but he was also successful on different stages in the capital city Berlin. 

He made his film debut in 1933 with a small role in "Ein Kuss in der Sommernacht".
He took part in other movies in the next years, among them "Die unmögliche Frau" (36), "Es waren zwei Junggesellen" (36), "Unter heissem Himmel" (39), "Das sündige Dorf" (40), "Was will Brigitte?" (41), "Venus vor Gericht" (41), "Alarmstufe V" (41) and "Der unendliche Weg" (43).

After the war he acted at theaters in Munich exclusively for the time being, among others at the "Kleinn Komödie" and at the "Münchner Kammerspielen".

From 1947 he also continued his film career again, to these productions belong "Zwischen gestern und morgen" (47), "Münchnerinnen" (49), "Sensation im Savoy" (50), "Der letzte Schuss" (51) and "Liebe und Trompetenblasen" (54).

One of his greatest success was his one person sketch "Ein Münchner im Himmel", but he hadn't even dreamed about the popularity of the sketch in the lifetime that this sketch would become unforgotten till today.
Because the sketch became a big hit in 1962 - eight years after Gondrell's premature death because of a tragic gas stove accident - when his voice to this sketch was used for an animated cartoon. Afterwards the sketch was sold on countless records.
Since that time this sketchhas become an evergreen in radio programs and his voice als Alois Hingerl in well-known to many people till today.

Outside his activity as an actor Adolf Gondrell run the artist pub "Simpl" in Munich.

Other movies with Adolf Gondrell:
Der Zithervirtuose (34) Mit dir durch dick und dünn (34) Ich bin gleich wieder da (39) Der Trichter Nr. 14 – Volkshumor aus deutschen Gauen (41) Der scheinheilige Florian (41) Der siebente Junge (41) Kleine Residenz (42) Das Lied der Nachtigall (44) Geld ins Haus (47) Die Nacht der Zwölf (49) Philine (49) Liebesheirat (49) Wer bist du, den ich liebe? (50) Küssen ist keine Sünd (50) Glück aus Ohio (50) Skandal im Mädchenpensionat (53) Lachkabinett (53)