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Sidney M. Goldin

1878 - 1937

The director and producer Sidney M. Goldin was born as Samuel Goldstein in Odessa.

He grew up in the USA where he developed his passion for the theater. He first worked as an assistant behind the stage and he impersonated first small roles.
In the next years followed bigger parts and he also realised numerous plays as a director.

From 1912 Sidney M. Goldin was also active in the film business and he shot many usually Yiddish movies.
To his early pictures as a director belong "A Western Child's Heroism" (12), "The Sorrows of a Jewess" (13), "The Last of the Mafia" (15), "The Hunchback's Romance" (15), "The Period of the Jew" (15), "The Mysterious Mr. Browning" (18) and "The Gates of Doom" (19).

He left the USA in 1919 and went to Europe. First he came to England where he shot few movies, afterwards he moved to Austria where he realised several silent movies too.
To his directed movies of those years belong "The Woman Hater" (20), "The Bird Fancier" (20), "Ihre Vergangenheit" (21), "Hütet eure Töchter" (22), "Führe uns nicht in Versuchung" (22) and "Ost und West" (23).

He returned to the USA in 1925 where he continued his film career.
He shot the productions "East Side Sadie" (29), "The Eternal Prayer" (29), "The Jewish Gypsy" (30), "His Wife's Lover" (31), "A Canton on Trial" (31), "Uncle Moses" (32), "Live and Laugh" (33) and "The Cantor's Son" (37).

Besides his activity as a movie director he als wrote screenplays, was a producer and movie actor.

Sidney M. Goldin was married with the actress Betty Gärtner.

Other movies from Sidney M. Goldin (Director):
The Adventures of Lieutenant Petrosino (12) Levi and McGinniss Running for Office (13) What Might Have Been (15) When the Call Came (15) Billy's College Job (15) The Jewish Crown (15) Hear Ye, Israel (15) Oh! What a Whopper! (16) It Can't Be Done (18) Tam na horach (20) Jiskor (24) Style and Class (29) My Jewish Mother (30) Eternal Fools (30) Shoemaker's Romance (30) Sailor's Sweetheart (30) Oy Doktor! (30) Kol Nidre (30) Shulamith (31) Shulamis (31) Feast of Passover (31) Yiskor (33) The Voice of Israel (34)

Trafficker on Soles (14) The Last of the Mafia (15) When the Call Came (15) Oh! What a Whopper! (16) Tam na horach (20) Führe uns nicht in Versuchung (22) Ost und West (23) East Side Sadie (29)

The Sorrows of Israel (13) Trafficker on Soles (14) Escape from Siberia (14) The Woman Hater (20) The Bird Fancier (20) Hütet eure Töchter (22) Führe uns nicht in Versuchung (22) Jiskor (24) A Cantor on Trial (31)

The Passing of the Third Floor Back (18) The Woman Hater (20) The Bird Fancier (20) Ost und West (23) The Fightin' Comeback (27) Better Days (27)