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Tamara Geva

1907 - 1997

The actress Tamara Geva was born as Tamara Zheverzheieva in Russia and she grew up in a sheltered and wealthy family. The family even owned a miniature theater and a theater museum at their mansion.

As a child Tamara Geva took ballet lessons for several years. At the Maryinsky ballet school she met the choreographer and dancer George Balanchine and she married him at the age of only 14 in 1921. The marriage was separated in 1926.

In the next years they toured through different countries , among others through Germany from 1924 to 1926 and through the USA, e.g. New York in 1927.

During her stay in Germany she was able to took part in some silent movies and she appeared in the productions "Ein Sommernachtstraum" (25), "Der Hahn im Korb" (25), "Die freudlose Gasse" (25), "Die unberührte Frau" (25) and "Gräfin Plättmamsell" (26).

Her last movie in Germany was "Zwischen vierzehn und siebzehn - Sexualnot der Jugend" (29), afterwards she concentrated her artistic career to the USA where she not only played in successful musicals and plays but also continued her film career. 

To her other movies of those years belong "The Girl Habit" (31), "Their Big Moment" (34) and "Manhattan Merry-Go-Round" (37).
But her greatest successes she had with theater musicals and plays like "Three's A Crowd" (30), "Flying Colors" (32), "Whoopee" (34), "On Your Toes" (36), "Idiot's Delight" (38), "The Trojan Women" (41) and "No Exit" (47).

In the next years she continued to appear in front of the camera as well, among others for "Nicht Plane from Chungking" (43), "The Gay Intruders" (48), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Ballet Murder" (51) and at the old age she got engagements for the movies "Cartas de amor de una monja" (78) and "Frevel" (84).
Beside it she was responsible for the choreography for the movie "Specter of the Rose" (46).

She published her autobiography in 1972 called "Split Seconds".

Tamara Geva was also married with the actor John Emery.

Other movies with Tamara Geva:
Orchestra Wives (42) Serie "The Web: Golden Secret" (51) Serie "The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen: Dance Into Death" (59)