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Fritz Gerlach


The child actor Fritz Gerlach joined the film business in the 40s where he took part in some well-known productions till the end of World War II. 

He made his screen debut as a hotel footboy in "Jenny und der Herr im Frack" (41) with Gusti Huber and Johannes Heesters in the leading roles.

He became established in the film business in the next years and he impersonated juvenile roles in "Zwischen Himmel und Erde" (42) with Werner Krauss and Gisela Uhlen, "Fronttheater" (42) directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt with Heli Finkenzeller and René Deltgen, as a paperboy in "Damals" (43) with Zarah Leander, Hans Stüwe and Rossano Brazzi, "Fritze Boillmann wollte angeln" (43) with Roma Bahn, Herbert A. E. Böhme and Will Dohm, "Eine Frau für drei Tage" (44) with Hannelore Schroth and Carl Raddatz as well as in the role of the ship's boy Max Strippke in "Schicksal am Strom" (44) with Josef Sieber and Karin Hardt.

It is unproved what happened with Fritz Gerlach after World War II.