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Karl Gerhardt

1869 - 1931

The director Karl Gerhardt made his first acting experiences at the theater where he also directed some plays. After engagements in smaller cities he got also engagements in huge towns like Vienna and Berlin at the beginning of the 20th century.

Finally he also joined the film business and he directed his first movie in 1914 with "Des Türmers treuer Freund" (14).
He realised more silent movies in the next years, first in Germany, later in Austria. Among them "Das rätselhafte Inserat" (16), "Der Treubruch" (18), "Der Mord in der Kohlmessergasse" (19) and "Mayerling" (19).

He continued to realised movies as a director in the 20s, e.g. the seventh part of the popular eight-part serial "Die Herrin der Welt, 7. Teil: Die Wohltäterin der Menschheit" (20), "Johannes Goth" (20), "Die Jagd nach dem Tode" (20), "Das Blut der Ahnen" (20), "Die geheimnisvollen Piraten" (22), "Menschenleben in Gefahr" (26) and "Staatsanwalt Jordan" (26).

Karl Gerhardt also began to impersonate roles again in the 20s, this time in front of the camera. An activity he already practiced at the theater.
As an actor he took part in "Jussuf el Fanit, der Wüstenräuber" (22), "Tragödie der Liebe" (23) and "Der fröhliche Weinberg" (27).

His film career came to an end with the rise of the sound film. He did not realise any other movies as a director and as an actor he only played small roles in the productions "Der unsterbliche Lump" (30) and "1914, die letzten Tage vor dem Weltbrand" (31) before he died shortly afterwards.

Other movies from Karl Gerhardt:
Ein einsam Grab (16) Die Aushilfsgattin (19) Die Augen der Maske (20) Jussuf el Fanit, der Wüstenräuber (22) Die Flibustier (22) Gentleman auf Zeit (24) Dreiklang der Nacht (24)