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Svend Gade

1877 - 1952

The screenwriter and director Svend Gade trained as a theater painter and then started his stage career at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. In the next few years, engagements also took him to Germany.

In film, he began as a screenwriter for the short film "The Lady in the Mask" (13) with Ida Perry in the title role.
As a screenwriter he wrote other films in the coming years, including the great success "The Maharajah's Favorite Wife" (17), "Amalia - 45 Marks" (18) and "The Secret of Brinkenhof" (22/23).

Svend Gade also made his debut as a director in 1921 and his very first movie became a classic of the German silent movie. In "Hamlet" (21), Asta Nielsen embodied the leading role, cementing her position as a film star in Germany. Other actors included Paul Conradi, Eduard von Winterstein, Hans Junkermann, Heinz Stieda and Lilly Jacobson.

Further directorial works followed with "Herren von Brinkenhoff" (22) and "Das Geheimnis von Brinkenhof" (23).

Finally Svend Gade went to the USA in 1923 where he continued to work in the film business for the next six years. There he wrote among others the scripts for "Peacock Feathers" (25), "Watch Your Wife" (26), "The Masks of the Devil" (28), "Jazz Mad" (28) and "The Way Through the Night" (29).

He also directed several movies in the USA like "Peacock Feathers" (25), "Fifth Avenue Models" (25), "Watch Your Wife" (26), "Into Her Kingdom" (26) and "The Blonde Saint" (26).

Svend Gade was also involved in some productions like Ernst Lubitsch's "Rosita" (23) and "Three Women" (24).

With the rise of the talkies Svend Gade returned to his native country Denmark where he realized numerous stage plays as a director at the theater.

He realised once more a movie as a film director with "Balletten danser" (38).