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Paul Franck

1885 - 1976

The screenwriter and author Paul Franck was born as Paul Frankl in Vienna.

He began his artistic career as an author and he wrote numerous comedies for the stage. Later followed few novels like "Das Mangobaumwunder" (16), "Der Gepard" (17) and "Fahrt nach Sorrent" (27).

He wrote his first screenplay in 1916 for the movie "Der Morphinist" (16), it followed other screenplays like "Don Juans letztes Abenteuer" (18) and "Der Mandarin" (19).

He continued his activity as a screenwriter in Austria during the 20s and he took part in the movies "Die Nacht der Mary Murton" (21), "Harun al Raschid" (24), "Colibri" (24) and "Die Rache der Pharaonen" (25).

When he was engaged to Berlin by Erich Pommer he wrote other screenplays, among them the classic "Die Drei von der Tankstelle" (30) as well as "Ihre Hoheit befiehlt" (31), "Der falsche Ehemann" (31), "Der Frechdachs" (32), "Ich und die Kaiserin" (33) and "Alles für die Firma" (35).

As a Jew he was not able to work in Germany from 1933 and in Austria from 1936. Still he was able to write few screenplays anonymously like "Whisky und Soda" (37) and "Serenade" (39) but also some newspaper articles as a theater critic.

Finally he left Austria together with his wife Edith Barakovich and they emigrated via France and Spain to Casablanca where they waited for the visa for the USA.
But the hopeless seeming situation ended in the suicide of the photographer Edith Barakovich. Later Paul Franckh was able to emigrate to the USA. There he got a one-year contract by Columbia but his scripts were not used. The only exception was "The Invisible Wall" (47) which he wrote together with Howard J. Green.

Other movies from Paul Franck (Screenwriter):
Der Morphinist (16) Don Juans letztes Abenteuer (18) Der Mandarin (19) Boccaccios Liebesabenteuer (20) Die Nacht der Mary Murton (21) Die Hölle von Barballo (23) Harun al Raschid (24) Colibri (24) Die Rache der Pharaonen (25) Die Drei von der Tankstelle (30) Ihre Hoheit befiehlt (31) Der falsche Ehemann (31) Der Hochtourist (31) Eine Nacht im Grandhotel (31) Der Frechdachs (32) Ein bisschen Liebe für Dich (32)  Ich und die Kaiserin (33) Alles für die Firma (35) Der Kosak und die Nachtigall (35) The Invisible Wall (47)

Filmed books:
Das Abenteuer des Dr. Kircheisen (21) Das Spiel mit dem Schicksal (24) La femme de mes rêves (31) Monsieuer, Madame et Bibi (32) Beauty and the Boss (32) Due cuori felici (32) Adorable (33) Yes, Mr. Brown (33) The Church Mouse (34) Josette (38)