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Walter Formes

Foto: Wilhelm Willinger (1879-1943)

1883 - 1966

The actor Walter Formes was able to launch an extensive film career in the silent movie era of the 10s which especially concentrated to the years 1919 and 1920.

His first appearance in front for the camera was for "Die feindlichen Brüder" (13) at the side of Paul Heidemann and Tatjana Irrah.

It followed a longer interruption and Walter Formes concentrated to the stage again. Only from 1919 he revived his activity in the film busines again.
In the next years followed a whole slew of movies in which Walter Formes took part. To these productions belong "Das Gift im Weibe" (19), "Pogrom" (19), "Retter der Menschheit" (19), "Weib gegen Weib" (19) and "Der Kampf unter dem Meeresspiegel" (19).

The 20s offered him again numerous cinematical engagements like "Die Wölfin" (20), "Madame Récamier" (20), "Opfer der Liebe" (21), "Kampf um die Scholle" (25), "Harry Hills Jagd auf den Tod" (25) and "Der Biberpelz" (28).

With the rise of the sound film his film career came to an end. Only in Erich Schönfelder's "Der Liebesarzt" (31) with Harry Liedtke, Dina Gralla, Ferry Sikla and Rudolf Lettinger he appeared a last time in a cine film.

Afterwards he was no longer allowed to work because he was a half Jew. Only in 1949 to appeared a last time in front of the camera for "Hochzeit mit Erika" (49).

Other movies with Walter Formes:
Christus (19) Sein letzter Trick (19) Die Tochter der Berge (19) Die Rächerin (19) Die Medaille der Republik (19) Der Goldfasan (19)Mamsell Napoleon (19) Der Blick in den Abgrund (19) Bergsünden (19) Die andere Welt (20) Der verlixte Aberglaube (20) Der Meisterschuss (20) Der Flüchling von Sing-Sing (20) Die Frau mit den zehn Masken (22)

Held Krause (1919)